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2. Oktober 2012 2 02 /10 /Oktober /2012 22:44

Nowadays quite everyone has Facebook, ICQ or Skype or a cell phone. Everyone is connected and mostly reachabel everywhere but in some cases to chat is an addiction and it can be dangerous. But I don't really wanted to talk about the social networks but I wanna talk about friends, also about my friends. Why for me and also a lot of others is it so important to be connected with my friends?

It's really a sad reason but for me it is really important because I have a lot of friends but the real ones, I'm not sure weather they really like me. We laugh together, we meet eachother every school day and it is nice but on the weekends or in the holidays hear quite nothing of them, so I ask me why? Why don't they text me, why don't they ask for my day, or how I feel, am I so unimportant? 

Such questions tousands of people ask themselve sometimes, when nobody is chatting with them, they feel allone, also when f.ex. a family member is the next door. But if they got used to it, always texting or surfing in social networks, they really can feel allone in a crowd of people, when they have nothing to do with their phone.

But I'm getting to far away from the real topic, the message I wanted you to listen to is that it is important to say to persons are important to you, that they are! However you think that's clear, to say "I like you" is not difficult if you really mean it like this and then your friend will be happier! And also asking for his or her feelings is impossible to forget because you are his/her friend and that what friends are for. Of course only if you are a real friend.

So remember if you don't see a friend for a longer time and the person is really important to you than call her, text her or write her an mail, show her that you are thinking of her also if you don't see each other because her is important to you. And if there are such a lot of possibilities with the internet or the social network, so do it!

Than your friend guarantierly feels really good and he/she don't has such stupid thoughts (like I had  a time ago) that he/she is unimportant or allone, but when I feel so I text my friends, I ask them to say something good to me and when they reply, I'm really happy to have such possibilities to be connected with quite every friend.

Maybe some of you are askig himselves why am I blogging such things, I can't really say, maybe it's just blogging makes me happier or maybe I also have the mostly impossible wish that my friends read this and say to me, they like me, or maybe I just want you to remember that a friend is something really cool and important and is there for you, if you need him/her, so say to all your real friends that you like them and you can be sure that will make your friend and you happier! 

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